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I have been taking my daughter to Peppermint Tree Daycare in Lumberton  since she was 4 months old. She is now going on 4 years old. I knew from the minute that I walked through the door, that Peppermint Tree was the perfect daycare for my daughter. When you drop your child off and the teachers hug her and kiss her like she is their own, it makes you feel safe, knowing that your child is in amazing hands. I had looked at other daycares before I went to peppermint tree and none of them gave me the comfort and peace of mind that I needed to leave my daughter. Just thinking about it, those teachers are going to be spending more time with your child then you are. As a first time mother, leaving your 4 month old is a very scary thing, but the teachers at peppermint tree took that fear away from me. I don’t want her to get any bigger because I don’t want to take her out of peppermint tree. It will be a very sad day for our family when that day comes, and I know for the teachers also, since they tell her she’s not allowed to leave.


Devon, Jon, and Isabella Russomanno



My oldest son went to Peppermint Tree in Raritan Center since he was six months old, he is now in kindergarten. The Montessori program prepared him wonderfully for the transition into public school. Now my youngest, who is two, is enrolled in Peppermint Tree and is very happy. The school is staffed with teachers that share the values of our family, putting love and comfort before anything else. I consider the staff of Peppermint Tree to be close friends of my family and without their support; I would have found returning to work after maternity leave much more difficult, if not impossible. – Maxine Palmer



Peppermint tree school and day care center has been the best decision we could have made for our daughter.  The amazing staff puts our minds at ease when we drop our little girl off at day care each morning, and we are able to focus on our work, knowing she is in wonderful hands.  There is something to be said for a place that you can trust with the most important part of your world.  If you are trying to decide on a place to send the most important parts of your life, look no further than Peppermint Tree School.


-Michael and Lauren



I would like to share the experience that I have had while my children attended Helping Hands / Peppermint Tree.  My son Aaiden attended Peppermint Tree from age 2 to4 ½.  Aaiden loved going to school and he loved his teachers Ms. La La, Ms Annie and Ms. Jessica.  The teachers at  both schools worked with my son and loved him as if he was their own. 


Now my grandson Brycen is attending Peppermint Tree and looks forward to going every day.


The office staff has been a blessing to me and my family.  I would not in trust my kids care to any other daycare facility.


If you are looking for a facility with people who will care for your child as you would, Peppermint Tree is the place to be.





Charlottee Littles

Manager, MOL-IT Global Application Support Group

MOL-IT America Inc.

Direct Line - 732-512-5404

Fax:  732-512-5155



Our son loves going to Peppermint Tree. He is always treated with great care and kindness. Thanks to the school, he is constantly learning and becoming highly socialized. Thanks to all at Peppermint Tree... Marc and Michelle Thank you,



My son Dwayne Colmen Jr attends Helping Hands on 1059 Amboy ave in Edison NJ .

  When I was looking at daycares in the beginning, I would always come across the same type of daycare center and workers. When I came to Helping Hands, they really focused on having personal interaction with each child. 

The workers at Helping Hands are very understanding, nurturing, and caring. I know they truly enjoy working with the kids and helping the kids learn .

Their teaching methods are very different from other daycares . They work on skills your children will need every day in life. Every Friday is Pizza Friday; something the kids really enjoy. Holidays are also always fun at Helping Hands. They have special activities for the kids .

I truly have found a daycare I feel safe with, where I can take my son. They are more then just a daycare to me and my son, they are family!

Thank you so very much for being so much more then a daycare ! 

Michelle Mckelvie



Our son Cameron has attended Helping Hands since he was nine months old. Our gratitude for what this institution has done for Cameron cannot be fully expressed in words, but we hope our testament can help other parents who might consider Helping Hands for their children in the future. 

From the time of his enrollment, each staff member, at every level, has played an integral role in his social, emotional, and academic development.  As first-time parents, the teachers assisted in assuaging any apprehensions we initially felt about full-time childcare services. Now, it feels as if Cameron has a second home. Helping Hands has increased our knowledge base about the educational process for infants and toddlers. Our child comes home every day with assignments, stories, new concepts, and laughter to share with us.

Making the choice to send Cameron to Helping Hands was the single best decision we have made as parents in his short academic career. Helping Hands has helped mold our dear son into the future man he will be, and we implore all parents to take this path for the same results of which we are extremely proud.

-Anthony & Michelle Johnson


My daughter has been enrolled at Peppermint Tree Too since September of 2010. Since the first day I dropped her off, I have never felt as comfortable as I did then. Prior to enrolling her at Peppermint Tree Too, she was going to a home care provider and it was a nightmare! I worried every day about the care she was receiving and worried about her safety. I never had that feeling with Peppermint Tree Too. The staff has always had an open communication with the parents. They always puts the children's best interest first and foremost. I would recommend Peppermint Tree Too to anyone! We will miss all the staff in September when my daughter starts kindergarten! Sincerely, Nicole D.

To Whom It May Concern,


I, Rosa James am writing this letter to express my deep appreciation to be able to have my daughter , Rozelly attend your school! When I first enrolled her in your school a little over two years ago, it was nerve wracking because no one outside of our family had cared for her before. Rozelly was barely learning how to say mom, frog , etc and I could see she was happy to attend the school. Your staff was and has always been patient as well as understanding through the entire time not only with her but also with me. Now that she's in the Montessori program, I noticed she's getting closer and closer to learning how to read and it's very exciting!

She's four and a half and now that she's putting the sounds of letters together, she's pretty darn close to becoming a reader. We're blessed to have found your school as she's well taken care of. Ms. Jasmine, Ms.Emma, and Ms. Chhaya's sincere concern for the children's learning, behavior, and overall wellness is evident. Your entire staff shows dedication to ensuring the children's safety as well as teaching them social skill thus preparing them for when its time to go to pre-k and then kindergarten. I've shown up to the school at many different times on various occassions and see you all doing a great job. Helping Hands owners are also amazing and I appreciate the many ways in which everyone's made sure Rozzelly is able to attend school and working with my schedule. 


The staff always goes above and beyond their call of duty. 


Thank you so much, 


Rosa James

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