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Our Experiences Make Us Who We Are

Every choice, event, experience and interaction we have shapes us into who we are and who we will become. Seventy five percent of our brain’s pathways are formed by age five. Thus, our earliest experiences are our most critical.

If we experience encouragement, we gain confidence.

If we are taught tolerance, we learn patience.

If we are taught acceptance, we learn to love unconditionally.

If we are treated with kindness and consideration, we learn respect.

If we are shamed, we breed self-doubt.

If we are ignored or minimized, we internalize a sense of no self-worth.

If we experience aggression, we become fearful and angry.

Teachers, teach.

Educators create an environment with experiences to help shape the best individuals possible. We have an irreversible responsibility to give children the best positive experiences enabling the best possible future we can create. What experiences do you give your children or students?

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