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About Us

Helping Hands was established in 1979 as a pre-school/child care center. Since, it has grown into a family of schools known as Helping Hands/Peppermint Tree Schools with Traditional and Montessori Programs.


   It is our mission to foster a good self image and prepare your child to face life with confidence. Our warm, loving, learning environment enhances and develops children's minds where freedom of choice and independence are encouraged.  Helping Hands & Peppermint Tree Schools provide an environment that promotes a positive growing experience. All the classrooms are equipped with furniture and materials designed for each specific age group. This provides the child with the ability to move freely and independently with little assistance from the adult This freedom of making choices allows the child to think and act independently and to complete each task successfully.



Did you know...

The N.J. Dept. of Environmental Protection has issued an approval letter for all of our locations certifying the safety of our outdoor play areas where the children have potential for direct contact with soil and the potable water supply. Whatever childcare you decide to bring you child to, it is imperative that the center has this D.E.P. certificate of approval.



We’re Here For You!

If high tuition fees of private schools have left you no options for your child, consider us! Our schools are offering Private Education at Affordable Rates. Small Student/Teacher Ratios, using Montessori Philosophy, Individual Attention, Innovative Approach to Content Area, Limited School Closings, & Extended Hours  6:30am to 6:30pm, Extra-curricular Activities.

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